mobile/social Games

This is a collection of work I've done for various mobile/social game apps. 

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Early 2013 I was approached to do some preliminary design work to help inform the look and feel of the characters for this new crossover franchise. It was pretty awesome to see most of my design contributions made it into the final look of the characters. 

In addition to the character explorations, I was also tasked with coming up with storyboard pitches for possible animated short sequences of the characters in action. 


Hostile Takeover

Hostile Takeover was initially conceived to be a PVP tower defense game, with one player controlling soldiers (attackers) while another controlling turrets (defenders). Its final title was Miniguns Assault, with very different gameplay and style. 

Here are some animations of the turrets. Animations done by Gene Goldstein

Before Hostile Takeover was a PVP Tower Defense game, it was first pitched as a inflitration game based on 60s/70s spy movies. Here are some spy vehicles and gadgets that I concepted for the pitch. 

Robot Game

Done for an unnannounced project that was to be a turn based robot battle strategy game. Also work done for Booyah, Inc.  

MyTown 2 & MyTown: Animals

Assets done for Mytown 2 and Mytown : Animals, which were location based city builder games. 

One of the initial pitches for Mytown: Animals was to have a felt/plushie pet dolls in a toy world. Here are some early explorations as to how they could look.