DOOM (2016)


Collected here are the character, environment, prop and other misc design work I did for DOOM (2016) and its 3 DLC packs. 

All Images © id Software, LLC, a Zenimax Media Company. 





Graphic Design

Misc Design Work

Besides working on concept art, I would also sometimes be tasked with doing UI mockups to help the UI artists visualize different options for different parts of the game, such as the loading screen and the newly implemented Arcade Mode look/feel. 

These alternate cover options were done for the online poll for a reverse sleeve cover.

The following key art images were done in collaboration with the Character and Lighting departments at id. The character artists modelled and posed the characters models, and the lighting department did a first pass lighting on them, while I finish up the illustrative stage of the illustration: making corrections, painting over wherever was neccessary, changing lighting when needed and adding the background and effects.